Terms & Services

FlyingCow Terms & Services.

What am I allowed to do?

– By using flyingcow website or any flyingcow service, you are accepting the Terms & Services.

– Harassing, behaving inappropriately will result in your account being banned from the website without prior notification. The ban can last over 30 days.

– Trolling or breaking any kind of forums rules when communicating with others in FlyingCow forums will result up in your forum access to be taken away. (This means, you are being banned from the forums)

– Showing disrespect at others is not allowed. If you don’t like someone, don’t say it.

– Your IP address will be stored when using FlyingCow services, and website(s). We are not using your IP to any illegal activity, we are using it in case we need to take a legal step or possible check your previous data history for example. (In case you are changing an account and somehow you didn’t got your items / virtual goods on it, so we can get a proof according to your IP address)

Rights to use the flyingcow servers, services and websites.

FlyingCow is a minecraft server network, Website and Discord server. We allow you to participate in public and private chat rooms, but however trying to make others feel bad or behaving inappropriately will result in your access to FlyingCow servers, services and websites being taken away. FlyingCow is owned by waira222 (Nickname: TheFinland), Samulikoo (No nickname), PelottavaPensas and any decision they make inside the FlyingCow servers, services and websites can and will be done. They are always right. Except trying to remove staff, punish or any kind of things related to that at other main owners is not allowed. Only waira222 can do those things at Samulikoo or PelottavaPensas. Trying to copy FlyingCow in anyway or sharing any FlyingCow personal info if you happen to know anything is strictly prohibited.

FlyingCow Co-Owners and Owners can punish / take your access away from the flyingcow services, servers, services and websites for no reason at all if they see it as appropriate action and they do not need to give you any kind of prior notice about it.

Your FlyingCow account in our servers, services and websites.

You are responsible for anything that happens on your account. Your account password should not be shared to anyone and if we find you doing it, your account will be suspended immediately without prior notification. By registering an account, you are accepting to take care of your account until it’s end and not sharing any of account personal info to anyone. This includes your account password, email, two factor verification code. If your account is being hacked or stolen, you should contact our support immediately about it. If you have seen somebody sharing an account information (either somebody else’s or their own), please report it to our support team.

Our staff team has right to take your access away from any FlyingCow servers, services and websites without a prior notice if they see it as appropriate action. Punishments may be applied without it being straight away mentioned in the rules, staff can make punishments on what they see as appropriate. Staff is always right unless a developer of FlyingCow or higher will tell different.

FlyingCow shopping and virtual goods

FlyingCow is selling virtual products that can be purchased with PayPal and some other options. However if you buy anything from FlyingCow, refunds won’t be given under any circumstances after 7 days of the purchase, if you want to refund your purchase, the reason for that must be good and not something like: “I was bored of having the rank” or “I don’t want it anymore”. To refund the purchase, please contact our support and we will look into it. If you are found refunding your purchase without permission from support team, your account and all it’s items and stuff will be lost for permanently. This means that your account will be permanently suspended. Chargebacks are not allowed and are considered fraud and will be reported to local authorities immediately. By purchasing anything from FlyingCow, you are accepting Terms & Services.


FlyingCow staff team has right to deny your access to buy virtual goods, products or anything in FlyingCow shop.

FlyingCow development team has right to take your access to your purchased virtual good, or anything from FlyingCow store without prior notice or without a reason.

Account punishments.

We can punish any accounts inside our Servers, Services and websites without even a reason and prior notification. By using any of our Servers, Services or websites you are ACCEPTING these Terms & Services. If your account is punished, the reason might be one of the following: “Breaking our Terms & Services, Trying to refund a purchase without permission from support team, Chargebacking, Being rude at others, behaving inappropriately, Impersonating a staff member or other member or some other reason”. We are not removing the punishment from your account if it’s once added with correct reason by a staff member, do not even ask about that. If you are asking for an unban for no reason, your punishment might be set longer. If you have been banned from our servers, you may appeal a punishment. In that case we will not be adding more time in your punishment. However we will do that if you spam staff member to unban you or check your punishment appeal.

We have a right to remove your whole account from the FlyingCow and our database without a reason. We have a right to suspend your account anytime without any kind of reason.

IP Addresses, information and data collecting.

By using FlyingCow servers, services or websites, you are ACCEPTING us to receive your IP-address, Mac-address and some other personal internet informations and storage it. We are storing these datas to protect us and our customers, users and staff members. We can use the IP address and information for legal purposes if something happens and in case we need to get proof of you owning an account for example. (If you change your username and something happens which shouldn’t happen)

Email informations.

Why do we need your email when creating your account? We store your email in case, we need to contact you or you have forgotten your password and you need to change it. Only way that we can confirm it’s really you, is your email address. If you do not have access to your email address and you have created an account or you have created an account with false email address, your account password cannot be changed. Your email can also be used on legal purposes if there happens something. We reserve right to send you any kind of message to your email address and you are agreeing this.

Thank you for reading Terms & Services.

Thank you for reading Terms & Services. These Terms & Services might be updated at anytime without prior notice, so please keep eye on these once a day.