Staff rules

Staff rules

1. No abusing powers in anyway. Penalty of abusing staff member powers (Depends on which kind of abuse) is demotion or perma ban. (It’s not counted as abusing if you do /fly inside the game server. It’s counted as abuse if you punish someone for no reason.) 

2. Do not break normal rules 

3. Do not give ranks / roles away to anyone without permission from owners 

4. Do not beg for promotion if you really have not done anything for the server. Including Discord and Minecraft. 

5. Do not start to threat people, that if you don’t do something I will “ban you” 

6. Do not troll people 

7. Do not give away items from creative menu or with /give 

8. You are allowed to use creative items when building base and more, but if we have found you giving creative items purposely to normal users, you will be demoted for 24 hours. 

9. You are allowed to be invisible in any game mode but, being invisible and killing people as being invisible in minigames is not permitted and also using /day or /night is not allowed. It can cause server lag and others may not like that staff changes the day and night all the time. 

10. You are not allowed to change your nickname to user’s name that already exist in our database.

Breaking these rules may result in demotion.