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How ready is the parkour before it gets published
Under cosntruction 30%



Forge update

We have created 1.12.2 forge server with mods! THIS IS NOT OUR MAIN SERVER, THIS IS ONLY OTHER SERVER FOR SURVIVING WITHOUT ANY KIND OF PLUGINS. Forge server ip: forge.flyingcow.pro. You need to install forge 1.12.2 version and all mods that are in our forge server. Mods that you need to install before you can play forge server are listed in here: FlyingCow forgeserver.

Forge server is public and can be joined by anyone.


SkyWars update

We created SkyWars minigame! No kits, good chest stuff, solo mode and 1 Arenas(more Arenas are coming).


Cosmetics update

We added cosmetics menu to our main lobby! We have up to 50 different cosmetics!


New website released

Our new website released. Now we have better website builder and design: